Snatched By The Alien Dragon

Snatched By The Alien Dragon Book Cover
Snatched By The Alien Dragon Book Cover

Book Number


Planet Atraxis Warriors


Athar the Drakoon


Christina Fredrickson the Human



September 15, 2023


296 Pages – Novel

Heat Level:


He made me his prisoner. I’ll never love a beast like him.

As if my staggering debts weren’t bad enough, when I venture into the wilds of planet Atraxis, I find myself face-to-face with a wild beast. But just before I straight up die, a massive alien barbarian comes to my rescue.

Taccit has tattoos, a tail, and a whole lot of attitude. He saves my life, claiming me as his fated mate. Oh, and did I mention he’s adamant that I’m his prisoner?

I didn’t sign up for this. Too bad for him, I’m not one to back down. I will never submit to him—no matter how tempting he may be.

“Captured By The Alien Barbarian” is a humorous, steamy sci-fi romance set in the Planet Atraxis Warriors series. Expect intergalactic miscommunications, perilous danger, and possessive alien mates.

Tropes & Potential Triggers:

Here is a list of all possible tropes and triggers that might appear in this book:

  • Abduction/kidnapping,
  • Action packed,
  • Badass heroine,
  • Light BDSM,
  • Comedy,
  • Enemies to lovers,
  • Fated mates,
  • Forbidden love,
  • Forced proximity,
  • Hurt/comfort,
  • Instant love,
  • Language barrier,
  • Monster sex,
  • Redemption,
  • Rescue,
  • Size difference,
  • Virgin hero/heroine.